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We all know that buying a car straight upfront isn’t going to be cheap especially with the increase price of COE and Car Prices..

With That.. We decided to offer you a solution to own a car without all the hefty downpayment, road tax, insurance and maintenance cost!

This is a flexible plan that you are able to do weekly payment for 2 + 2 + 2 years over a full 6 years contract and earn additional income driving as private hire or airport transport.

Once you’ve completed with the leasing contract of 6 years, you’ll fully own the vehicle of your choice and drive for free for another 4 years!

You’re free to do whatever you want with it including selling it!


Lease To Own

Want to own a brand new car without a hefty down payment?

We have the best solution for you!

Start leasing from us at the best rate possible for a contracted period of time to fully owned the car without any COE top-up.

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We Strive to provide our customer the best service! When you work with us, We want everyone to be happy while getting what you wanted. Having a long term relationship with our customer is extremely important and thus, we don't do any gimmicks or hidden charge that might harm the relationship. Start Making Our Relationship Today!